Monday, April 4, 2011

Problem Solved

So I've been waiting for days now to actually publish this post.

My fast-approaching deadline for Pria's baby quilt got postponed when she phoned to tell her shower-host that her kids were both sick and she wasn't going to make it.  So after rushing to finish, I suddenly found myself with a week of waiting before I could give her this:
After all of the hem-ing and haw-ing I'd finally settled on the spiral pattern.  I switched in a few brighter squares and used some of the more vibrant colors for the borders and voila ... a quilt that's both bright and colorful for Pria and appropriate for the baby =)

I finally saw her in church yesterday and ran to the car to grab the gift bag that's been sitting in my back seat.  She was so happy when she opened it that she actually cried.  The upside of pregnancy hormones I guess =)  Yay for another successful baby quilt =)


  1. What a cute quilt - I love the colors!

  2. Thank you so much Maureen! I love it too, and in an interesting side note, the baby was born last night =)

  3. Lovely gift.......if someone gifting you with a fantastic quilt like that doesn't make you cry...nothing will!

    My favorite thank you cards from giving baby quilts is a picture on the newborn on the quilt I made!

    I hope you get one :0)
    Happy sewing