Thursday, March 24, 2011

Deadlines fast approaching

Here's the thing I don't understand - why do my friends always seem to get pregnant in batches?  I've got two girlfriends who are within a month or so of having their babies, and I have been putting off their quilts for ages, and am now up against a serious deadline or two.

So naturally, instead of making anything resembling real progress on either of their quilts, I find myself pulling out and finishing old ones that have been sitting out for months - like this green and lavender log cabin - which, while pretty, isn't really right for either of them

I guess part of the problem is a serious lack of motivation and inspiration.
One of them is having a boy ... and I cannot, for the life of me, find an attention-grabbing pattern or an inspirational fabric to get me on my way in that department.  I have another month or so for her though.

The real problem is with my other friend, Pria, who's been my close friend forever, but has never managed to get a quilt out of me, even though she's on her third baby.  As a result I have put all sorts of unnecessary pressure on myself to come up with something spectacular ... which has rendered me completely incapable of making a decision.  Her shower is tomorrow, and I have procrastinated myself into a pretty corner.

I'd started working on this:
It's the pastel baby-girl version of the spiral pattern I'd recently made in blue and yellow.  I don't know, maybe it's just that I've already done this one twice, but I'm just not feeling it.  I mean it's cute, but I feel like it needs a little something MORE.  She's an art teacher and LOVES color - so baby pinks and greens just feels inadequate somehow.

And then I remembered that I had THIS quilt top hidden away:
But the more I look at it, the less appropriate it feels for a BABY.  It seems a little bold, a little sophisticated for a nursery.  And while I'm sure that Pria would drool over it, I'm afraid it might just be too much.

So there you go ... on the one hand, I want something MORE, and on the other I've got something that's TOO MUCH, and the only thing I have finished is a completely unrelated and irrelevant side quilt.  But one way or another, something has to be done by the shower tomorrow night.  I am not showing up without SOMETHING in my hand.  lol - I guess I'm going to be busy tomorrow.


  1. So, what did you do? I've made lots of quilts and other things for people and I try not to think too much about what they want. It is too stressful on me and takes the joy out of doing it for them. I try to make something they will like, but also something that is a little of me since I'm making it! I'm sure I miss the mark sometimes, but that is okay. More often than not they love and appreciate what I've made them. BTW, my deadline for babies is around their first birthday. Somehow, I can't make a quilt for a child that isn't born!

  2. Yes, what did you do? I love the older quilt and don't think it's too sophisticated for a baby. It's something she could be proud to take to college with her as a lap quilt and not be embarrassed by it being babyish. I agree with Maureen, you can't possibly guess at someone else taste. That will just make you crazy!