Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Thank You Quilt

So at the beginning of the year my mother came up from Texas for a visit.  While she was staying with me, she had a few friends stop by to pick her up, and as often as she had opportunity she'd show off my quilts (which I keep draped over the "unused" chair in my living room) ... how very "mom-like" of her to make her friends say nice things about her kids' hobbies =)

Anyway, one of her friends, Mrs. F. ooh-ed and aah-ed over everything my mom showed her, and then they ran off to lunch.  When my mom got back she had a present from Mrs. F to me ... a bag full of yards of beautiful blue and yellow fabrics!  She'd bought them for a project that never happened and wanted to pass them on to someone who'd appreciate them.

Inspired by a quilt I saw on etsy, and absolutely drooling over the colors I immediately set to work making her a "thank you" quilt ...

This is the mini practice quilt that I made to work out all the kinks

It was also my first sale on etsy =)

And here is the full sized version that I'm giving her to say thanks.  I'm dropping it off to her tomorrow, so needless to say I'm a tiny bit excited.

I'm also so obsessed with this particular pattern that I'm making another one - this time a crib quilt for a friend who's expecting a girl.  I just started cutting today, and her shower's in two weeks, so wish me luck!


  1. Paula, when I visited last evening I forgot to leave a message, silly me!!! Firstly congratulations on your new blog and thankyou for sharing your baby quilts! There is something special about these first quilts in someone's life as they are usually kept as treasured items! I wish you all the best in blogland!!!!

  2. There's just something about a blue and yellow quilt - love that color combo! So nice of you to give your mom's friend a gift.

  3. The combination of blues and yellows is one of my favorites, so you had me at the color. And the spiral on white design is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with your blog.